Where to Stay on Balboa Island

Aug 16, 2023

Where to Stay on Balboa Island 🏘🏝

Thinking of a weekend stay on Balboa?  Keep in mind, there aren’t any hotels directly on the island so if you want to stay on Balboa Island, you’ll be renting a house.

Cottages for Rent on Balboa Island

There are several places to stay on Balboa Island on sites like AirBNB, VrBo, and I’ve listed the ones on since they usually offer better free cancelation policies than other sites.

(Keep in mind that some cottages only list on one site or another, so this list isn’t all-encompassing, it’s just the ones on!)

These are ranked by price, from lowest to highest price. The lowest starts in the high $700s for 3 nights and the highest is in the $9000s for 3 nights!

Hotels Around Balboa Island

If you want to stay in a hotel, there are also great options on Balboa Peninsula and the surrounding areas. If we weren’t staying at our friend’s house, I personally would choose Lido House since it’s so gorgeous and is located in Lido Marina Village. I’ll talk more about Lido Marina Village later!

3 Star Hotels on Balboa Peninsula

4 Star Hotels around Balboa Island

5 Star Hotels around Balboa Island

Honestly, I’d recommend getting a house right on Balboa Island if you’re willing to pay 5-star hotel prices unless you simply love the hotel/resort experience! You can’t beat the walkability and small-town charm while staying directly on Balboa Island!

Plus, there are just so many things to do on Balboa Island that you’ll want the proximity. Let’s get to it, here are the top things to do on and around the island!


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